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The 5 Steps To DIY Your Dream Pool

We Guide You Every Step of the Way 


Step 1: Design

We start with a custom design that brings your vision to life!

Our 3D designs will inspire you with what is possible. We model your existing yard and infuse it with your dream yard vision. 

 Not sure what you want? 

We will create something that fits your budget, meets your needs, and excites your whole family! 

⭐️ LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE: If you don't love your design, leave it on the table and get a full refund! 

Step 2: Plans

Construction plans are the roadmap for your dream yard. 

Our permit-ready pool plans are drafted to your local building codes and best construction practices. 

We make it easy for your subcontractors with detailed plans including clear instructions for each trade.

Our pool plans are drafted and reviewed by seasoned pool construction experts. 

⭐️ PERMIT READY GUARANTEE: We will see your plans through permits and HOA, making any required adjustments free of charge. 

Step 3: Engineering

For concrete based pools you will be required to obtain engineering plans. 

Engineering plans refer to the foundational elements of your pool project such as steel forming and grading.  

We source your engineering from locally licensed pool engineers.

⭐️ STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY GUARANTEE: Your engineering plans will ensure that the foundational structure of your pool will last a lifetime. 

Step 4: Permits & Subcontractors

Now it's time to pull your permits and hire your DIY team. 

 While waiting for permit approval we will be working together to find and hire your subcontractors. 

We give you resource guides that show you how to find quality subs in your area, and we commit to helping you find any subs that you need. 

We also will review your bids to ensure accurate pricing from each subcontractor. 

⭐️ SUB FINDER PROMISE: If you can't find a subcontractor we will find one for you. 

Step 5: Construction

We walk you step by step through construction. 

With 1:1 personal consulting, you have our expert guidance at your side with phone, zoom, or email support. 

We give you step-by-step video guides and construction checklists so you know what to expect every step of the way. 

Our project management board allows you to easily track your progress, store subcontractors, and plan out your construction schedule.  

⭐️ SAVE OR DON'T PAY GUARANTEE: If you don't save more than $10k working with us we will refund your investment. (Most of our customers save $20k-30k)

Want to learn more?

 Jump on a call with our consulting team to learn more about how you can DIY your dream yard.