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DIY Homeowner Builder Program

Join thousands of other families saving $20k+ on their pools

and building in just 8 weeks



We Are Changing The Way Families Build Swimming Pools

From Our Family To Yours...

Once upon a time, the only way to build a pool was through a pool company. Then one day our family decided to change everything. We took our 40+ years of pool building experience and developed an easy step-by-step framework that allows ANYONE to cut out the pool company and build their pool wholesale. 

We believe that a pool is an investment in your family, and it is our mission to help you build your dream pool without hiring an expensive pool company or settling for something less. 

Why hire a pool company when you can DIY?

Did you know that pool companies don't actually build pools? 

They outsource everything! When you hire a pool company you pay a premium price to have someone schedule subcontractors for you. 

As a DIY POOL BUILDER you schedule your own subcontractors and save thousands in the process!

No Experience Needed

We provide you with ALL the resources you need to get the job done right. Everything outsourced by a pool company we give to you directly. 

As a DIY POOL BUILDER you aren't doing it alone! We partner with you and walk you step-by-step through the entire process of building your pool.

How Much Time Does It Take?

We are doing all of the heavy lifting for you, so most of our customers only spend about 1 Hour per week managing their project.  

As a DIY POOL BUILDER you can build your pool in 6-10 weeks, or you can take it slow and for each phase over time. 

Bring the family together. 

Turn your backyard into a sanctuary of connection, relaxation and play! 

With our guidance and support you can DIY your dream yard and save thousands! 

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 Brian Saved 25k!

"We really wanted a pool but the bids we were getting were way out of our budget. the lowest bid we received was over 75K and one contractor said we'd be closer to 100K!!! 
That's when I stumbled across DIY Pools and Spas The team has been great and very responsive when I had questions. 
We are currently moving into our last phase of the construction, with just the plaster remaining and we have spent just over $50K. That is $25K below what was our lowest bid!"

- Brian Smith

Nate didn't settle!

"DIY pools has been amazing! We had many bids for pools from pool builders and they were all making between 30-40% profit off our job. When we hired DIY we were able to get our dream pool much less than the pool builders were charging. We went from settling with a basic 15x30 pool that the builders were charging around 100k for to getting a 20x40 pool with spa, tanning ledge, grotto and a ton more for the same price! Love that we used DIY and I recommend them to anyone we talk to. Great job Brandon, Mike, and Cameron keep up the amazing work!"

- Nate Newton










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DIY Homeowner Builder

Program Includes:

Everything you need for a successful homeowner builder project.

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Personal Consulting and Support

We are here to support you with clear direction, consulting, and regular check-in's. 

3D pool design

3D Rendered Design

To-scale 3D image of your dream yard with a video walkthrough. 

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Permit Ready Construction Plans

Complete construction plans that are 100% permit ready. 

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Engineering Plans

We work with licensed pool/spa engineers in the following states: CA, AZ, UT, CO, NM, OR, WA, NV, TX, MA, FL, AL, GA, TN, NC, SC

Video Guides

Video Guided Program

Step by Step videos that walk you through each phase of construction. 

construction check lists

Construction Check Lists

Our checklists \ keep you and your sub-contractors in alignment with industry standards and best practices. 

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Sub Assistance

We help you find your subcontractors, and review their bids to ensure accurate pricing.  

wholesale pool equipment

Wholesale Equipment Costs

Wholesale cost on top of the line pool equipment.


Join Us Live Online 

We are hosting a special live event this coming Friday!

"How to build your dream pool for $20k less and in just 8 weeks"

Join Us Live Online 

We are hosting a special live event this coming Friday!

9 AM PST | 11 AM CST | 12 PM EST

Register Now To Claim Your Spot

Only 150 Spots are Available!

At this live online event, we will be revealing to you the 3 Secrets that pool companies don't want you to know. 

These 3 Secrets will save you thousands of dollars on your dream pool & help you build in half the time!

If your building a pool in 2023 don't miss this event! 

He saved $27,000! 

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Take A Look Inside The Video Program

Our comprehensive and interactive video program provides you with support at every step of the pool builder process. Phases are informative with added resources and just the right length so you have the confidence you need to get the job done—and with little stress!

Click on the construction phases below to check out the video modules included in each section. 

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"I saved $10,000 & Built My Pool In 6 Weeks!"


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David Cockrell

"Years ago I was getting bids on a pool and I was getting quotes that were quite expensive. DIY offered me an alternative and I ended up saving about $10,000 and I was swimming in my new pool in 6 weeks. I can't say enough about Mike and his company DIY Pools & Spas for their experience and the help that they gave me. I am very grateful for DIY Pools & Spas!"

What others are saying on Google Reviews. 

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 DIY Homeowner

Builder Program

Everything you need to DIY your dream pool and save thousands 

Homeowner Builder Program


Ā Includes:

  • Personal Consulting
  • 3D Rendered Design
  • 3D Video Walkthrough
  • Permit Ready Construction Plans
  • PoolĀ Engineering Plans
  • Step-by-Step Video Guides
  • Construction Checklists
  • Sub-Contractor Assistance
  • Wholesale Pool Equipment



  • Personal Consulting
  • 3D Rendered Design
  • 3D Video Walkthrough
  • Permit Ready Construction Plans
  • Pool Engineering Plans
  • Step-by-Step Video Guides
  • Construction Checklists
  • Sub-Contractor Assistance
  • Wholesale Pool Equipment

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