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Custom Pool Design

Custom Pool Designs That Bring Your Dream To Life

We carefully craft your design around your budget and vision while meeting local building codes and best construction practices. 

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For the Dreamer... 

Custom Design Only

This is a Design ONLY option that will provide you with a visual of your dream yard. This option is best for those that are still in the dreaming phase of their project. 

Cost: $949

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For the Go-Getter...

The Custom Design PACKAGE

This package includes all that you need to get started with pulling your permits. In addition to your custom design this will also include Permit Ready Construction Plans and Standard Engineering Plans. 

Cost: $1,500

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3D Rendered Designs

Transform Your Yard Into Your Personal Paradise

We use state of the art software so you can see you dream yard come to life! 

Our to-scale designs incorporate your existing yard and home into your vision, and follow best construction practices that adhere to your local building codes.  

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Why Hire A Designer?

1. Quality & Foundation - Your design is the foundation of your project and like any foundation everything depends on it. The quality of your project is a direct reflection of the quality of your design. When investing thousands in your yard your design needs to be carefully considered, because every detail matters.

2. Save Time - Waiting for a pool company to get back to you with a design and revisions can take months. If you approach a builder with a completed design they can quickly bid the project and get started much faster. 

3. Design For You - We take your lifestyle into consideration. Why you are building a pool is important and informs your design. A pool designed for kids and play is much different than a pool designed for luxury or relaxation. We don't do cookie cutter pools! We design around your yard, your style, and your best interests.




Permit Ready Plans

Take Your Design To The Next Level

Our Custom Design Package Includes a complete set of pool plans.

"Permit Ready" means construction plans + engineering. We draft your plans to best industry standards and we work with locally licensed engineers. 

All our plans are guaranteed through any HOA and/or Building Department. 

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Why Outsource Your Plans? 

1. Owner Builder - If you are planning to DIY your pool, your will need the proper plans for permits and construction. We will take care of all the details and specs so that you can obtain permit approval and have your project bid out by subcontractors. 

2. Save Money & Time - If you plan to work with a pool company, you can save thousands by providing your own permit ready plans. Most pool companies charge $3,000 for plans as a part of their contract. You can have this line item deducted by providing the plans for them. This will also save you months of time on the frontend, so that the builder can get to work right away. 

**Standard Pool Engineering plans are provided in only the following states: CA, AZ, UT, CO, NM, OR, WA, NV, TX, MA, FL, AL, GA, TN, NC, SC All other states will source pool engineering independently. 

Custom Design Packages


Custom Design Only


Best for those in the dreaming phase

  • Professional To-Scale Design
  • 3D Rendered Photos
  • 3D Video Walkthrough

Custom Design Package


Best for those that want to secure permits or get started with construction

  • Professional To-Scale Design
  • 3D Rendered Photos
  • 3D Video Walkthrough
  • Permit Ready Construction Plans
  • Standard Engineering Plans
  • Pool Equipment Recommendations

Have a question?

Connect with us. We will answer any of your questions and determine if our program is a good fit for you.  If you would like you can also schedule a time to speak with us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Design Your Own Pool?

The cost of your future pool depends on several things, including material, size, depth, landscaping, backyard, features, and so on. It's hard to give a number for what you will spend, so let us give you a number for what you will save when you work with us as opposed to another pool builder: clients who work with us save a minimum of $20,000 on their dream pools and they don't have to put up with cookie-cutter pools, overbooked builders, or little details that would have bugged them forever. DIY Pools and Spas is dedicated to creating the perfect pool for you and your family while on a budget because we've seen firsthand how it grows a family closer together.

How Long Does It Take to Design and Build Your Own Swimming Pool?

With DIY Pools and Spas, you will spend about 8 hours over a max of 8 weeks to see your pool come to life. Our design process was developed with the goal of streamlining this process and getting you exactly what you want. To help you visualize, we create a virtual pool for you to review before any ground is broken on the project. This helps us avoid a slew of complications or problems.

What Are the Legal Requirements for Designing Your Own Dream Pool?

Figuring out the legalities of it all on your own can sometimes be tricky. That's why we simplify the process with permit-ready construction plans that are drafted to local building codes and the absolute best construction methods.

If you need engineering plans (as you would for any concrete-based pool), we're here to help. We source your engineer from a locally licensed pool engineer who is the best of the best. All our engineers are heavily vetted and trusted by us. Because we know that there is an overwhelmingly large number of subcontractors to try and work through, we also help you find trustworthy subs who will do an incredible job on your pool.

As you can see, we make the job easy. Everything comes ready to go!

Want to save $20k on your dream pool? 

Take your pool design to the next level with our Homeowner Builder Program

This program gives you everything you need to build your custom pool design wholesale. 

Our Homeowner Builder Program includes the Custom Design Package above but also give you personal consulting, Subcontractors, Wholesale Pool Equipment, Step-By-Step instructional videos, Checklists, and access to our DIY Pool Builder Community with hundreds of other people building their pools wholesale.

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