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Why Swimming Pools Create Happy & Healthy Families

Jul 28, 2020

Its sad but true that most the people I know, come from broken families, or at the very least have broken relationships or drama with members of their family. 

I was raised in an environment where family time was highly valued. 

And when i look back at the memories and moments that cultivated our healthy family dynamic I realize that so much of our time was spent together took place in our own backyard - around our swimming pool. 

My family has been in the pool business for over 4 decades. 

...And the reason we continue to lead the pool industry forward is family! 


For us it's all about family. 

 We have seen first hand how putting in a pool brings family and friends together and creates lasting memories, strong relationships and healthy family dynamics. 

How does a pool create a healthy family dynamic?

The same way a vacation does!

When we are on vacation, we aren’t in our heads… thinking about work, school, the laundry or all the things we are responsible for. 

We also aren’t glued to our phones! We are immersed in an exciting and engaging environment and this is the key! 

The environment of a vacation brings a family into the moment. So that we can spend time together… Not in our heads, not on our phones, not consumed with all the things on our to do list. 



It is TIME TOGETHER that creates a happy & healthy family dynamic.

While we can’t live forever on vacation… we can bring recreate that type of environment in our own homes. 

THAT is the magic of a swimming pool. Pools create an environment at home that feels like a vacation. 

An environment that encourages kids to put down the screen and get outside!

Pools invite us to bond together, play together and most of all SPEND TIME TOGETHER. 

I always say “A family that plays together… stays together” 



So yes, pools are great at fostering healthy parent -child relationships… but they are also great at creating a healthy and strong marriage. 

And for the same reason….TIME TOGETHER. 

How much of your time with your significant other is spent watching a screen, talking about work, bills, schedules, and focusing your attention on everything else in our busy world except each other? 

How different would things be if instead of another night of  and chill (which lets be honest  I love me some Netflix)  but how might your relationship grow stronger if a couple nights a week you and your spouse turned off the screens, and relaxed in the hot tub together? 

...Or what if you spent Sunday afternoon kicking back on lounge chairs together, sipping your favorite drinks, and watching the kiddos play? 


These are the moments… the little moments…. That make the big difference. 

That is why my family has made it our mission to share this gift with others. 

Now you might be thinking… “thats nice for the super wealthy… but I can’t afford a pool!” 

5 or 10 years ago… you would be right! 

But the industry has changed… because WE are changing it! 

We have found a way to empower families in building their dream yards without hiring an expensive pool company or needing any construction experience! 

We have taken our 40+ years of experience in pool construction industry and created a homeowner builder program that walks you through the entire process of putting in a pool.

We provide you with everything you need for an easy and quality pool installation. AND we save you TONS of cash in the process! 

How much money can you save? 

Our customers report saving 15k-35k on their pool with our program. 

We believe in the power of a pool to bring families together, and that is why we are leading a new era of DIY pool construction

We are making it possible for families everywhere to experience the joy of quality family time spent together!

So that you too can vacation in your own backyard. 

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