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Swimply - A New Way To Have Your Pool Pay For Itself!

Mar 25, 2024
Swimply pool for rent

A very large percentage of Americans live in an apartment, condo, or other shared space. Some of those complexes have a pool for the inhabitants, or maybe live in a community with a pool, but these public pools are usually pretty busy, there is often a limit on how many guests a person can bring with them, hosting a pool party is impossible, pool toys are everywhere, and the rules just go on and on and on...

If you have a private pool, there is a way to connect with people searching for a "private pool for a day," if you will. It's called renting out your pool!

What is Pool Renting?

You can think of pool renting like Airbnb, but for pools. Rental platforms such as Swimply Pool Rental and Peerspace connect a pool owner to someone seeking a beautiful place to swim and gather their people in a private setting. Pools can also be rented out for more than just recreational use. It could be for therapy, filming movies, and anything else that hosts are comfortable with.

Pool renting isn't really a new thing. In fact, the pool rental platforms have been around for some time. However, it wasn't until 2020 that these platforms gained traction. We can thank the pandemic for that. During that time, public pools were closed, and people were sorely lacking a safe way to swim and socialize out of doors. Renting out private pools became a lucrative and safe side hustle for many homeowners.

How Does Pool Renting Work?

Once you sign up as a host on one of the pool renting platforms, you can list your pool for rent with any of the amenities such as a pool house, diving board, etcetera. Hosts get to set their own rates, but of course, a cut goes to the company. Peerspace and Swimply both charge a 15% fee for facilitating the booking and the payment process.

You may have concerns about this process, which we will cover in a little bit, but there are opportunities and recourses at hand for hosts. For example, Swimply partners with a nonprofit called Colin's Hope to provide water safety resources as well as education to guests and hosts alike.

If you always know people who want to use your pool for get-togethers or swimming days, having a profile on an app such as this is a great way to set boundaries while still being a great host. You can even add a special discount for your friends and family to make the deal even sweeter.

Why Should You Rent Your Backyard Pool?

Statistics show that 8% of American homes have a swimming pool. Many of those pools are left fairly unused by the tenants. Perhaps you bought yours when your home was full of kids who are grown up and moved out now. Maybe you used to work less, but you've just become too busy to really appreciate your pool.

Maybe, you love your pool and you use it, but you need something to boost your monthly income.

If you are any of those people, renting out your pool is a great way to bring in new income with what you already have. When you offer your pool up for renting, it almost always pays for itself and more. You're already buying the pool chemicals, so why not rent out your pool a few days a month to cover those costs?

What Should Pool Owners Consider Before Renting Out Their Pool?

Nothing comes without cost. It's important to understand all sides of an opportunity before diving in head first. Here are some of the things to consider before you jump into renting out your pool:

1. Neighbor Complaints

A lot of neighbors don't appreciate a lot of traffic and noise being brought into their neighbors. Hosts sometimes run into complaints about gusts being double-parked, stepping on lawns, and playing loud music. If these complaints are repeated often by your neighbors, you could face fees and fines from the local law enforcement and even a private nuisance lawsuit should things progress unattended.

You can prevent these issues by enforcing rules on your guests and vetting those you let use your home. It's important that anyone coming in to use your pool understands the expectations of the neighborhood.

2. Potential Property Damage

Property damage protection is a really big question mark for people considering becoming a pool host. You can't expect that nothing will ever happen to your pool, but what are the boundaries? Swimply's terms offers hosts up to $10,000 in property protection for individual incidents.

This payout isn't meant to prevent issues, but it does help with the need to cover damages should something arise. To help prevent issues, you will need to set and enforce rules for your guests.

3. Possible Legal Issues

Before you sign you and your pool up, it's prudent to check with your homeowner's insurance provider to see if they cover personal injuries. Should a pool incident occur, you don't want to be liable for damages.

4. Zoning Restrictions

Local and state laws may prohibit you from renting your pool out. The last thing you want to do is go to the trouble of setting up a host profile and listing your pool, only to be handed a $2,000 fine and be forced to take it down. Check all the local regulations before taking your first steps.

5. Increased Pool Maintenance

Once you start lending your pool to customers, your once-a-week maintenance isn't enough. It's important to spend some time learning about pool maintenance and water chemistry so that you don't have to spend obscene amounts on a company to clean your pool every day or so. Some hosts spend up to 14 hours a week tending their pools, which may seem like a lot, but the return can be fantastic.

What Are the Costs Of Renting Out Swimming Pools?

We already mentioned that the brokerage company takes a 15% cut, so there's that to consider.

Additionally, you may end up paying extra insurance premiums, depending on your company and your local requirements.

As far as upfront costs, you will want some kind of outdoor toilet (assuming you don't want people using your home or the pool), such as a rented port-a-potty or a fixed outdoor bathroom. You will also need things to make your listing appealing, such as patio furniture and pool floats.

Pool maintenance is always a factor. Typically, pool owners will spend somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 to maintain their pools per year, which means it will automatically be more than that if your pool is experiencing consistent use.

Should Pool Owners Get Insurance to Rent Out Their Backyard Swimming Pool?

Not all insurance companies will require homeowners to add to their insurance, but no matter your expectations, it is vital to have a conversation with your provider. They need to be in the loop on this, and that way they can lay out clear expectations for you.

How to Price Out Your Swimming Pool Rental

What you will usually see as far as listings go is that the pool is rented out per hour with a guest cap. There is an additional charge for each guest over that cap. How much you charge will largely depend on where you live, how attractive your pool is, and what other amenities you offer.

What is Swimply?

Swimply is the best place to find a pool for your event or to put your pool up for rent. You can customize your search based on area, price, and date. The map will tell you exactly where your pool is found and how much it's going for per hour. You can see ratings, amenities, and availability all at once!

How Does Swimply Work for Renting Out Your Swimming Pool?

Becoming a host is easy and gives you access to a vast world of people looking to have a pool for a day. It's safe, efficient, and gives the bulk of the rental money straight to the host.

1. List Your Space

Take beautiful photos of your space and get them up for everyone to see.

2. Accept Bookings

When people book, accept!

3. Receive Payment

Get direct deposited your funds ASAP.

How Much Does it Cost on Swimply to Rent Out Swimming Pools?

Creating your listing is free! There is no upfront cost for putting your pool out there. The only cost hosts face from Swimply is the 15% fee that comes with each booking.

Does Swimply Offer Insurance For Renting Out Backyard Pools?

Swimply covers hosts for up to $1 million in liability insurance and $10,000 for property damage. Any additional insurance is the responsibility of the host.

How Much Extra Income Could You Get From Renting Out Your Private Swimming Pool?

The answer to this question lies in how much you're willing to put into it. Some hosts make $100,000 a year renting out their pools, but they are very dedicated to it. You can rent out your pool only when you're on vacation and make a little extra spending money, or you can make it a job. It's typically considered easy to make around $1,000 per month renting out your pool on Swimply.

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If you're interested in having a pool but you're not to eager to face the costs, renting out your pool is a great way to offset some of that. Give us a call today with any questions you may have